Tim Proctor

Tim Proctor was born just west of Detroit in Westland Michigan. He grew up in a military family, his dad served in the U.S. Coast Guard during WWII, stationed in the Pacific, his older brother Nick served aboard a submarine during the Vietnam War. Tim join the U.S. Air Force in 1978 and served 4 years as a Security Specialists/L.E. Officer based out of David Monthan AFB in Arizona. with deployments to Saudi Arabia in 79’-80’. In 1986 he met and married his wife of the past 30 years, Julie, and had 1 son, Austin, in 1990.

Tim has been a part of Kids In Support of Soldiers since 2013 and has continued to support and promote this great organization that provides support to our Armed Forces so far from home. Tim is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, loves the media entertainment industry, of which he is currently a part of, and enjoys working with local Central Florida charities such as Camp Boggy Creek, Habitat for Humanity and Kids In Support of Soldiers.