C. Webb

“I just want to let all you guys know that I got the package you sent….thank you so much for your generous and thoughtful gesture!!!!

It gets very lonely here sometimes…when the mail is delivered and a surprise package is in the bag for me…I can not explain the happiness and huge smile it puts on my face!!! I am in a climate that is pretty hot….but the hot chocolate and other warming treats are good for the morning…but if you have Gatorade it would be very much appreciated here. (Gatorade was sent every package after receiving this email)

I have a group of guys that I supervise and I share all the things that you put i the package….they all send the same thanks too!!! (We sent Mr. Webb extra packages to share)

The comics are a hit!!! I have a couple of requests…any Richie Rich comics? (sent some) I am also looking for a pocket calendar so I can mark off the days even when I am away from my normal living area. (sent)

Everything you guys are doing is greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you so much!!!”

C. Webb