Letters From Our Soldiers

A Navy Thank You

KISS Kids, Thank you so much for the care package, myself and some of my fellow sailors in my shop deeply appreciate the care package and their contents. Especially during this time of uncertainty and still being on this deployment, a lot of our sailors are going through tough times being away from their families of course, but also going through Christmas and New Years. It takes its toll on everyone but seeing their faces light up when they open their boxes, that was priceless. Thank you for that. Oh, and by the way, they loved the ramen noodles and Vienna sausages the most. Thank you again and God bless you.

AM2 Varllicci

SrA C. Pinney

All the kids of K.I.S.S., my name is SrA Pinney and we reviewed your package sent to us in Africa! On behalf of myself and all the members of our unit we want to THANK YOU for your support, thoughts, cares and prayers for our service and safe return home! We love coffee and are very appreciative to Patriot Coffee for their donations to your program in support of our service men and women. We are extremely grateful to have wonderful programs and kids from K.I.S.S. to put a smile on our faces and help us to have such positive days.

We hope to return home soon, until then we send lots of THNAK YOU’s and we are proud to be serving for our country. God bless you all and God Bless the U.S. Sincerely SrA Pinney

AT1 J Kabat

Good morning K.I.S.S….I would like to say thank you from VFA-87 Avionics Technician’s work center out here aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71. We greatly appreciate the time and effort it took all of you into assembling the packages. As the work center leading Petty Officer, I ensure all the care packages we receive are divided up equally amongst everyone out here in the work center. I would like to let you know that the care packages definitely have a much needed impact on the Sailors out here away from home. Our command is “War Party” and we are with the 7th Fleet flying the F-18E Super Hornet. Once again, we would all in the VFA-87 AT Shop like to say thank you so much for all that you do, it is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to respond back any time. Very Respectfully, AT1 Kabat

SA. K. Corley

Dear K.I.S.S.,

Thank you so much for your care package! My small unit and I just arrived here a little over a month ago in Bagram. It was really nice to get your package with all the goodies, especially the coffee! We cannot survive here without the coffee!

There are eight of us that opened the package together and we are all grateful! Some of the snacks have already been claimed and eaten.

We thank you for taking the time out of your day to put together these care packages for us! We are truly blessed when a letter or package comes in.

Hope all is well back home for each and every one of you…sincerely Task Force Justice 8

E. Bittner

“Thank you so much for the box you sent me while I was out on deployment. The treats and coffee are a life saver. I appreciate the thought and support. Thank you all so much.”

E. Bittner

C. Webb

“I just want to let all you guys know that I got the package you sent….thank you so much for your generous and thoughtful gesture!!!!

It gets very lonely here sometimes…when the mail is delivered and a surprise package is in the bag for me…I can not explain the happiness and huge smile it puts on my face!!! I am in a climate that is pretty hot….but the hot chocolate and other warming treats are good for the morning…but if you have Gatorade it would be very much appreciated here. (Gatorade was sent every package after receiving this email)

I have a group of guys that I supervise and I share all the things that you put i the package….they all send the same thanks too!!! (We sent Mr. Webb extra packages to share)

The comics are a hit!!! I have a couple of requests…any Richie Rich comics? (sent some) I am also looking for a pocket calendar so I can mark off the days even when I am away from my normal living area. (sent)

Everything you guys are doing is greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you so much!!!”

C. Webb